DaCdb.com — Our New Website

As of July 2012, District 6670 is switching to using an online Rotary record-keeping tool called DaCdb.com (pronounced Dak-Dee-Bee).

It’s a web-based service created and run by Rotarians in North Carolina. The head of the company is a former club president and past district governor and he designed DaCdb to align closely with the duties and activities of Rotary Clubs and their officers.

In the United States, 63 percent of all Rotary Clubs and Rotary districts use DaCdb. In Ohio, all five of the Rotary districts now use DaCdb. It is one of three online services approved by Rotary International for official record keeping and reporting.

Private Records for Clubs & Members

Our district will use DaCdb to update and maintain all records for individual members, for club records (attendance, service, roles) and for district records and activities (events calendar).

The district’s leaders will use DaCdb for all reporting required by Rotary International, and our expectation is that every club in the district will keep their records updated on DaCdb to comply with RI reporting requirements, too.

The log-in page for record keeping for all members and officers is:


District 6670 purchased a subscription that provides the following for every club in the district:

• A 1-page “website” that displays each club’s meeting info, history and how to contact details.

• Record-keeping tools that synch the required member and club records with RI’s online records.

• A customized email system to communicate with individual members and groups of members by club, activity or role at the club level or district level.

Monthly attendance reporting as RI requires.

• Dashboards for monitoring membership, attendance and other key Rotary performance indicators.

• New access to club and member information for assistant district governors to help them work closely with club officers.

Premium Services for Clubs

Additional services are available from DaCdb that clubs may decide to purchase, including full websites, hosting for club websites, and premium tools for weekly attendance and dues payments.

For a one-time fee of $200, DaCdb will transfer all member and club records (including member photos) from ClubRunner or from spreadsheets. Clubs interested in an automated transfer will make individual arrangements directly with DaCdb.

If enough clubs are interested in this service, the district will attempt to negotiate a reduced price per club. Please notify the District Communications Officer, if your club is interested in this automated record transfer service.

DaCdb charges for the transfer because of the staff time required to make sure that the club information is properly formatted and uploaded so that clubs and members are able to quickly resume working with the records.

Advice from DaCdb: Clubs with 50 or fewer members typically enter their member and club information manually into their new DaCdb online files. Clubs larger than 50 members may want to consider buying the automated transfer service because of the time involved with manually inputting each of the member records.

NOTE: District 6670 does not require clubs to switch their club websites to DaCdb. Clubs remain free to choose to use ClubRunner or other solutions to publish their websites. Our goal is to provide a web presence for every club (especially those that do not have websites) and at the same time update how clubs prepare and submit the required RI reports. While clubs may choose their own methods for publishing on the web to inform their members and their communities about Rotary activities, District 6670 does expect that every club will keep its records (individual members and club-level) up to date on DaCdb.

Again, we are not requiring clubs to switch their existing websites, and we will not impose DaCdb at the club level as a website for publishing — just for record keeping. We do not represent or sell DaCdb products. That said, a number of club leaders have asked for more information about DaCdb tools and services. Here’s where to get it:

• Website design, hosting by DaCdb

• Weekly Attendance Module

• Dues Payment Module

For More Information

DaCdb is run by Rotarian Mike Thacker, who can be contacted at 252-257-2563 or by email using this form: